Potergeist – Crocodile Tears

Well hello “Swamp Metal”, It is seriously good to meet you. This is Potergeist’s fourth full-length release, and I think they are getting the hang of this thing they do, to the point they are giving the big guns a run for their money. Depending on where you search for these guys they get tagged as Southern Rock, Swamp Metal or Stoner Rock, well if this album was a drug it would be a class A as it’s that dangerous!

Potergeist are from Greece, and have built quite a following there, they even supported the mighty Skynyrd in Athens. They have a deal with Red Bull, had the album cover designed by Angry Blue and have already done a full soundtrack album, so they are no amateurs, and this shows in the quality of this offering. The album starts with “Swamp Muse Summoning” a sort of stoner rant intro. At this point, my preconceptions kicked in and I expected just another stoner band off on one of their drug induced, meandering tales of fairies, nightmares and munchies, but how wrong was I?

I sat up straight in my chair as the title track kicked in, and I got a face-full of some dirty, grungy, metronomic guitars and some 5FDP attitude. It is safe to say I was paying full attention now. “Visit From A Swampfire” keeps the tempo going, and the swamp theme comes thick and fast, so I will jump right in there. The sound is definitely Southern tinged with a heavy dose of Monster Magnet, and you get the feeling of moonshine on a porch, fire in the background, with squirrels roasting on a spit, and some bad-mouthing reviewers festering in the water up the creek, with some heavy machinery holding them down as the crocs circle. I am not going down that route guys, this album is stunning, honest.

The heaviness of this release follows through the whole album, and you get a real feeling of the mighty Zakk Wylde during the guitar breakouts. The vocals are similar too, and this band would be a perfect support for the Heavy Metal Hagrid. There is not one weak track but look out for” The Preacher And The Witch” as this is a stunner. This will give you an idea what this band is about, and mixes all the influences and throws in some brilliant guitars and an added bonus of female vocals, all wrapped up in an early ZZ Top. Burst tire, through a muddy……well a muddy swamp, kind of sound.

I loved this from beginning to end, it does not let up, it grabs you by the ears and smashes your head repeatedly off the nearest brick wall till you are dazed, confused, and ready to catch your own crocodile, just so you can hang out with the band in your sleeveless tartan shirt, with a straw hat and a jam jar full of that eye-watering moonshine!

Potergeist are:

Alex S Wamp:vocals Nick XP:guitar Stratal:guitar Kostis Vihos:bass Tolis Toleas:Drums

Review by Ritchie Birnie


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