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I, like every person in this venue tonight has been eagerly awaiting One Machine’s debut Glasgow gig this evening. Did they pull it off or come foul to what is always a tough audience until won over?

Due to travelling issues we missed the first two support bands (sorry guys) but we arrived in time for one of DGMs favourite up and coming Glasgow area bands Damaj (who due to One Machine’s pronunciation will always sound French now). The guys are going from strength to strength and they definitely have worked hard to earn that top support slot.
They do not make It easy for themselves though as singer/ guitarist Daniel Stewart seems to be a bit cursed( this may be my fault as it is only when I am there they run into problems) and he has issues with his wireless set up. No real issue though as a trusty lead is dragged out and off they go. It is a short set due to the 3 support band set up but it has all the songs we know and love.
They kick off with “Drink or Die” and it sees lead guitarist James Haggart take to the riser and start prowling like Predator from the movie. He looks about as happy but you know this is down to concentration and the fact he wants, no needs, to put in a good performance. The guys are definitely driven and know what they want from what they do.
Second up is the title track from their EP “The Contract” and you can see that the amount of gigs they are playing is moulding them into a very tight unit. It also sees poor Mark on drums grimacing like a stroke victim. As we get to “Inside” Daniel lets slip James is going all out to impress the guys from One Machine on this song. It is a guitar fest and has some intricate fret work which is pulled off with ease and style and we finally get a huge smile crack his face, he has obviously been waiting for this.
The guys finish up with the amazing “For The Wicked” and “We Never Die”. This band  are growing in talent, confidence and professionalism every time I see them. Their first full length offering is not far away so keep glued to DGM for further news on this.
 Set List
Drink or Die
The Contract
Give Me Time
For The Wicked
We Never Die
As I said this is the first time One Machine have visited Glasgow and it was a shame that the venue was not a bit busier as they put in one hell of a performance. The guys are no newbies to the music scene and I suppose you could say they are a supergroup on the cheap. The main driver for the band is Steve Smyth from Testament and Forbidden fame. He put the band together and when he found singer Chris Hawkins he knew he was onto something.
I can testify that he was definitely onto something. The man is a livewire with a vocal range that I am sure the top parts can’t even be heard by humans( was this why all the dogs in Glasgow were barking?). It is also a good thing there are no glasses in the bar. Even though it is not a large stage in this venue he covered every corner of it and then some. He even ended up out on the floor with us mere plebs.
They kicked off with “forewarning” which is a solid track from the debut album. Chris is very talkative throughout and very funny, even when he is discussing the size of the crowd. Many a band would just go through the motions and leave but this band is here for the love of what they do and as they explain they are very grateful for us being there and supporting the band( with a good bit of plugging the merch). I have to take my hat off to them and any band that keeps going no matter what. They have a belief and I hope it all pays off. They deserve it on tonight’s showing alone.
What followed was the epitome of what a metal show should be, we had great songs, fantastic playing and complete entertainment. Throw in some good humour, the smallest mosh pit ever seen and introducing a song after you have already sung it. The people that were there did not care and we all had a smile on our faces nearly as big as the bands.
I, as well as everyone here tonight will be back I am sure. I really enjoyed this show and would recommend anyone who loves live music to check the guys out. They are more than worth the entry fee and do the guys a favour, buy some merchandise, keep a band going who love their jobs.
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Review and Images Ritchie Birnie

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