Review: Love Zombies – 'Be Honest'

What do you mean who are Love Zombies? Listen up, and listen up good people. This is a band to check out right now, without hesitation. They have so much feel-good factor, and catchy hooks, it could cheer up a nymphomaniac who has just realised they are the last person alive.

I am sure there are plenty who have never heard of Love Zombies, and I am going to put my hand up and say I was one of them until recently. I was dragged along to see them by a mate (a serious thank you to Dave) at Download. At the time, I didn’t put up a fight as it was pouring with rain and they were playing in a tent. We shook off the wet ponchos and made straight for the barrier, centre stage.

My interest was instantly caught, as a very pretty Hollis Mahady strolls on stage with a kind of zombie nurse outfit with pants that would be loose on me! She then proceeded to set up an aerobic trampoline and changed some batteries in a Keytar (yes, I didn’t know they still made them either).

From this point I was blown away. It was a miserable day, we had dealt with rain for over a day solid, and as this was very early in the morning, there was a little niggle of a hangover that wanted to punish me, but that was forgotten instantly. The band were outstanding, and just a sheer joy to watch on that stage. They were that good I was back in the same tent that evening to catch Hollis again for the set with Hey Hello.

I left download with a new band in my heart, and made it my mission to find out as much as I could about them as soon as I got home. I was delighted to discover this EP was coming out (release date is in August), and I made some enquiries and thanks to all at Love Zombies as I received the CD in very quick order.

I was a bit apprehensive when I played the EP, as sometimes bands just do not live up to live performances on record, but I had no issues with this one I can assure you. Everything I loved about the live show was here in abundance. The moment ‘Be Honest’ blasted out of the speakers I just smiled, and smiled some more, before I felt the body shaking, the ass jiggling, the man boobs swaying, the feet tapping and the head nodding. I challenge anyone to sit still listening to this band. They are a liquid, musical dose of fun with a Blondie swagger, a Sex Pistols’ ‘I do not give a shit’, and a Ramones’ ‘I couldnt care less what you think of me’ attitude.

In fact I would go as far to say if Love Zombies had been around when Hitler was in full swing, and had got this onto his gramophone, the world would have been a better place. I will now make it my mission on this planet to ensure the band are playing at the next G20 summit. War will end, and you will see the leaders laughing, dancing, drinking beer and snogging! Wars? Yeah, who needs them?

Opening track ‘Be honest’ is lyrically a wrist and razor blade scenario, but they still ensure this short song makes you want to boogie. This Pop/Punk classic is so damned catchy, it goes on repeat again and again.

‘International Bug’ blasts us with an ‘Oh Mickey’ drum beat, and some of Hollis punk vocal range, with more hooks than Mike Tyson, and just as big a punch. This is a cracking tune, and this bug is more of a virus as it will run around your bloodstream and keep ringing around your head long after the track has finished.

For me ‘Teleportation’ is the rockiest of the three tracks. As much of a taboo as they may be nowadays, it rings of early LostProphets, but with Siouxsie Sioux on vocals. Hollis’ voice is top notch here, with that punk attitude mixing well with the rockier beat. This is my favourite of all the songs with its great guitar work, solid drums, and some old school ’50s big band sound thrown in.

For such a short EP, with pretty short songs, this has no right to have taken over my life so much. I just love this band, for the songs, for the live show and for the pure enjoyment…if I had hair, I would probably own a brush, and if I had a brush, I would be singing into it like an acne-scarred teenager with hormones bursting with lust for more.

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