Jim Kirkpatrick Announces New Solo Album

FM guitarist Jim Kirkpatrick has decided that the time is right to reignite his solo career and is proud to announce the release of his brand new solo album, ‘Ballad of a Prodigal Son’, due for release on September 4th 2020 on US One Records.

Following on from his 2006 debut ‘Changed Priorities’, this new album took some time to assemble due to Jim’s FM commitments to touring all over the World, including playing at some of the world’s biggest and most prestigious rock festivals, and supporting top-flight rock icons like Journey, Foreigner, Kiss, Whitesnake, Heart and Thin Lizzy, as well as his recording and touring commitments with some of the UK’s top talent

Having also accumulated over 2 decades of experience as one of the UK’s most in demand session players, Jim has called on a wealth of friends and colleagues in the making of Ballad Of A Prodigal Son, and feels that the outcome really showcases where he is today as a guitarist and songwriter.

‘Ballad of a Prodigal Son’ has a very different sound and feel to his debut though. It’s less ‘acoustical’ and has been described by rock journalist Neil Mach as “a masterpiece of technical bravado and driving rock.”

“I called in a drummer and a bass player — so it’s more power-driven and electrifying,” explains Jim, “I know what people are expecting now and I know what I want from an album that has my name on the sleeve. I’ve co-written songs with Scott Ralph, Thea Gilmore and Bernie Marsden (Always On the Road) and covered a much-loved John ‘Rhino’ Edwards and Rick Parfitt- penned Status Quo number ‘Gravy Train’ that is one of my favourite numbers to play live. I’m so pleased to have made this album, It’s the album that I really needed to get out of myself and really shows where I come from musically. I’ve been very lucky to have some great musicians contribute to it also. ‘Ballad of a Prodigal Son’ is a blues-rock outing with some songs co-written with friends and some fine contributions from many of my colleagues… There’s a whole host of well-known guests playing and contributing to the album which is very rocky, bluesy and with LOTS of guitar playing!” I’m hoping that my fans and audience will love it.”

Those friends and colleagues include: John ‘Rhino’ Edwards; Steve Overland; Bernie Marsden; Sarah Miller (Chris Bevington Organisation); Jem Davis (FM); Chris Cliff; Neil ‘Kegsy’ McCallum (Chris Bevington Org); David Levy (Rory Gallagher); Richard Newman (Rory G, Paul Rodgers); Paul Westwell; Chris Bevington; Scott Ralph (Chris Bevington Org); Didge Digital (FM); and Neil Murray (Whitesnake).

Website: www.jimkirkpatrick.com

Album pre-order link:  www.jimkirkpatrick.com/merch

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