Jeanice Lee: New Double A-side Single

Edinburgh-based Jeanice Lee and her band have released a new double A-side single. “Christmas In C Minor/My Heart Is Complicated” is available now on all digital platforms and on physical CD. The CD comes with two bonus tracks from the Live In Studio session recorded in November 2019 featuring “Freefall” and “World Of Fallacy” from the debut album.

“Christmas In C Minor” is the ultimate alternative Christmas song! Not everyone likes or enjoys Christmas. For some, it brings a focus of pain and loneliness. Jeanice first wrote an acoustic version of the song after the break-up of a 23-year relationship and was spending her first Christmas alone. A couple of years later, after starting her own band, the song was developed into this longer heavy rock number with a fierce and metal-sounding coda added. Not able to get the full band involved in the recording due to the pandemic, lead guitarist Marco Morelli and Jeanice went into the studio with our producer Bryan Ramage at Ramage Productions guesting on bass and programming the drums. The result is this epic 7-minute emotional roller-coaster!

“My Heart Is Complicated” is one of the band’s favourite, crowd-pleasing tracks to play in their live sets, pouring out high energy and strong emotions with a heavy rock sound and driving groove. The song explores the conflicts between the heart and the mind when it comes to love and breaking up. It was planned for release 6 months ago as a stand-alone single before the second album, which is now postponed to next year due to the pandemic. Also produced by Bryan Ramage who simply excels at what he does, this was recorded in the studio with the full band in November last year at the same time as the band did the Live In Studio session.

Purchase”Christmas In C Minor/My Heart Is Complicated” here.

Or buy/stream via Bandcamp here.

Band members:

Jeanice Lee – vocals and rhythm guitar
Marco Morelli – lead guitar
Leen Hodge – bass
Graeme Hamilton – drums (Tony Hodge from November 2020)

Connect with Jeanice here:






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