Introducing Vihaan

Hailing from Detroit, VIHAAN have been crafting their sound since it’s inception in 2012 into a mixture of Modern Progressive Death Metal, 70’s Prog Rock and Jazz Fusion to produce a debut album with a running time of more then 45 minutes across seven tracks. Mastermind Lorenzo Piccirilli heads VIHAAN up, providing Guitars, Bass, Programming and Backing Vocals. Lorenzo brought in session members Christopher Burrows, to handle the drum work and Anthony Lipari on vocal duties for the recording of “Invicta”.Lorenzo and Chris mixed the album, while the mastering duties were performed by Colin Marston (Gorguts, Dysrhythmia, Behold… The Arctopus).

Artist Travis Smith who has previously created artwork for the likes of Opeth, Avenged Sevenfold and Nevermore designed VIHAAN’s logo.

Released in October of 2014, ‘Invicta’ is Vihaan’s debut album. The songs exist in a state of lucid schizophrenia; with lengthy, discordant, and mercurial metal sections juxtaposing moody

acoustic/jazz/blues infused passages. The drums’s complexity is masterfully nuanced and the dark death metal vocals are relentless and hard hitting.


1. City 2. Inflection 3. Statue 4. Episodes 5. Smoke 6. Valor

7. Perception

“Invicta” is available now for purchase in digital format or on CD at a number of online retailers as well as the band’s bandcamp page


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