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We caught Taberah supporting Nightwish, and hitting it out of the park, but did you know that the Tasmanian metallers had been picked by Lemmy (RIP) to support Motörhead in Australia? No??? Well, let’s give you some background on them.

Taberah go all the way back to 2005 in Tasmania, with the band being formed between to friends Jonathon Barwick and Tom Brockman. The four-piece have a sound that is derived from fast intense metal mixed with confidence and theatrics. Metal fans will hear Lizzy, Maiden, The Darkness and LORD, however, they are not a cover band. They are the real deal with their own style and swagger.

We’ve already told you that Taberah supported Motörhead in 2011, but the band have also supported Di’Anno, LORD, Ripper Owens, Blind Guardian, and a host of other Australian and International bands. Their stage show is fun and filled with energy and enthusiasm. Heavy riffs, and riffs on riffs, are the order of the day, with every song having the ‘must have’ solo. The band thrives on audience interaction and no one leaves the gig forgetting about Taberah!

The band has two albums, ‘The Light Of Which I Dream’ (2011) and ‘Necromancer’ (2013). They are currently recording a third as of January 2016. They also have an EP called ‘Live ….ish’ (2009).

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