Introducing: Shadow Realm

Conceived in late 2012, Shadow Realm are predominantly a metal band consisting of influences from thrash, progressive, power and neo classical metal. High operatic vocalist, shred guitar solos, and jazz influenced drumming are all highlights of the band.

Shadow Realm are a five-piece band from Adelaide, South Australia formed by lead guitarist Matt Gillick (Outrage, Darklord, Oath of Damnation), drummer Con Koutsouliotuas (Oath of Damnation), and vocalist Torsha Khan (Stentorian, BlackPriest). In 2015 Chris Mcewen (Abyzmal, Obsidian Aspect, Hidden Intent) joined to play bass to support the band for live performances. After a long search for a keyboardist, Tim Robinson (Art in Exile) was recruited to complete the line-up in 2015.

The band’s main influences of are, DIO, Judas Priest, Black Sabbath, Forbidden, Dream Theatre, Rainbow, Iron Maiden, and Symphony X. 2015 saw the band embark on their debut gig ‘Black Conjuration- V’. That night, Shadow Realm released their debut EP – ‘Into The Shadow Realm’, consisting of six head-banging songs. A new release is expected in February 2016. So far, the band has performed fifteen live shows in Australia including opening for the renowned Sydney band LORD.

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