Introducing: Daydream XI

Mixing rock, hard rock and progressive rock with heavy metal and power metal influences, Daydream XI is a band with no self-imposed boundaries.

Formed in 2008 the quartet has played with bands like Angra, Symphony X and the former Iron Maiden vocalist, Paul Di’Anno. In 2014 Daydream XI was invited by Mike Portnoy to perform on the first edition of Progressive Nation at Sea with bands like Transatlantic, Devin Townsend, Pain of Salvation, Animals as Leaders, Anathema, Jon Anderson, King’s X and many other leading names in progressive music.

The band’s debut album The Grand Disguise was produced by Jens Bogren, head of the world-class Fascination Street studio, in Orëbro, Sweden, and released on September 27, 2014, via Power Prog.

Brazilian progressive metal outfit, Daydream XI, has teamed up with Drum! Magazine to launch a drum playthrough video of the track “The Guts of Hell,” courtesy of Daydream XI drummer Bruno Giordano.

“On this recording we wanted to showcase what the drums are really doing underneath the wall of guitars and vocals by making the drums louder in the mix,” Giordano told Drum!. “There are a lot of cool double bass pedal patterns, some very heavy sections as well as a very wide usage of the drum kit on this song.” “The Guts of Hell” comes from the band’s debut album, The Grand Disguise, which released in September 2014 on Power Prog.

Daydream XI is currently at Monostereo Studios recording the follow-up to The Grand Disguise. The new album will solicit the dedication of fans from around the globe, as the band will launch a crowdfunding campaign for the album’s release next month.

“The recording process of our second album has gone really well,” added Giordano. “This time I brought some new influences to my playing and sought inspiration in different places. Even though the arrangements are harder to play and way more technical than on our first album, the recordings ran easier because I was much more prepared this time. It was a fun process in a very light environment at Monostereo Studios and, despite the difficulty of some sections, I think I was able to take my drumming to another level this time.”

Stay tuned for more information on Daydream XI.

Daydream XI is:

Tiago Masseti – vocals, guitars Marcelo Pereira – guitar Tomás Gonzaga – bass Bruno Giordano – drums

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