Introducing: Darkest Horizon

German melodic death metal outfit Darkest Horizon are busy making new music, but bassist Jonas Heinzel took some time out to talk us through the background of the band, as well as some of his own personal musical memories. Get acquainted with Darkest Horizon, below…

What are the origins of the band, how long have you been playing together?

The band originated out of a circle of friends and bands from the metal scene in and around Frankfurt. This is the eleventh year since the official foundation and also the eleventh year I (Jonas) am in this band.

How did you feel performing your first gig? And how was it?!

Oh, I was very nervous! Originally I come from a theatre background so I wasn’t used to not hearing anything but brutally loud music on stage… and loved it! The gig itself was pure fun and when we left the stage I knew that I wanted to continue doing this for the rest of my life. Though I still love the theatre but in comparison to a metal concert? Well…

What should people expect when they check the band out? How would you describe yourself?

We play epic melodic death metal and try to build a whole universe around this. Especially with our newer releases, this includes photography, videos, and more visuals. In the end, we want to use every kind of art form we can find to build a world in which the listeners can lose themselves and their everyday lives, even if just for a little while.

The new music scene is bursting at the seams with fresh talent, in what ways do you feel that a band has to stand out from the others trying to build a name?

The good thing is that we are not very new and young anymore, so the very first step is already done. But in the long run, it is what I said before: this universe and this all-round concept of art that we try to improve and establish. It is not just about a metal band touring and rocking the stages, we want to evolve with every release, everything we do. So if you like the world we show you, you can be sure we will continue building it up and surprising you.

What are you working on at the minute that people can check out?

Currently, we are working on new singles and more visuals. We got a contact to an old mill – and this is such a great spot – that we are having new photoshoots and working on some video material. As soon as there is something new to show, we will! So stay tuned!

What band out there at the minute do you feel that you would be best suited to open for?

Wintersun, I would say. Because we already supported them and had a great time and our musical styles are not too different in the end.

What are your first musical memories? And what was the light bulb moment that made you go “I want to do that”?

For me both are the same: My father showed me my first “The Beatles” album (it was the “Anthology” album). Head over heels I fell in love with this music, the stories their songs told, and the way these “old” recordings (in comparison to nowadays) touched me. I had the feeling that this music would never grow old and that they had some kind of timelessness to them. So, without The Beatles, I would probably not have started playing the guitar (which later lead to playing the bass). And I still love their music and listen to them almost every day.

What was the last gig that you attended as a fan?

The last concert was last year in the Schanz, a concert location in Mühlheim, close to Frankfurt. A Doors” cover band played and it was one of the few concerts that could take place in times of Covid. Though you were separated by tables, which made it possible to even have a concert these days, it was an amazing feeling to listen to live played instruments and see people on stage having fun. It was a very good refresher for the dried-out musician’s soul.

The album that you have in your album collection/Spotify playlist that would surprise most people?

I do not have a Spotify playlist and I don’t know what people would take for surprising regarding my musical taste. But you will find an album from Westlife (does anybody know them… anymore?). They were also my first concert when I was twelve years old *laughs*. That could be kind of surprising to find.

Although 2020 was a year to forget for many reasons, there was some incredible music released; what would be your favourite album from last year?

Honestly, I do not have one because I did not listen to so much music in 2020. Most of the time I was working on our music or listening to singles or reading a book. So I have to pass on this one, sorry.

How active are you on social media and where can people connect with you?

We try to be as active as we can without being digital natives. The best way to connect with us is to follow our Instagram. From there you can find our music, our homepage and write with us. We are looking forward to seeing you there and do not hesitate to contact us! Sometimes we are even friendly 😉

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