Introducing: Damaj – Scottish Thrashers

As the rest of the UK (and the world for that matter) seems to be basking in a heat-filled summer, beyond the Northern border, we in Scotland have accepted the business-as-usual cold, wet, and washed-out season (and you wonder why Scottish people seem angry?). luckily for us, we have some excellent rock venues, plenty of alcohol, and just about the best crop of new talent in the Metal world.

Amongst these bands is Damaj, a kick ass, Greenock (near Glasgow) based band, cutting their way to the top like a blow torch through….well, through metal. They class themselves as Thrash, but there is so much more to this band (only formed in 2013). A first listen to some tracks from the forthcoming debut album “The Contract” and you can sense the early thrash influences and vicious guitar riffs alongside Maiden, G’n’R and Motörhead.

Their first year together saw them gig everywhere, with last year being the year of recording. They are signed to Revival Metal Records, with their first offering due out in September. Now that the album is all wrapped up, there is no resting on their laurels for these guys, as they have taken to the venues again, with the aim of doing their damnedest to spread the Damaj sound far and wide. They have so far played extensively in Scotland, and even managed to play a Spanish festival. Each step, taking on more fans, and gathering more momentum, of which they deserve every plaudit, purely for the hard graft put in from a band determined to make it in a music business that is tougher to break than some Thornton’s toffee from a freezer.

To give you an idea of the band’s sound let’s put it this way…it is what hard-core Metallica fans have been begging Lars and the guys to go back to since the Black album. They have a real” For Whom the Bell Tolls” feel. That dirty, original sound but with a modern twist. They have some dynamite guitar work, and look out for the outstanding “ For The Wicked”. I have been playing this constantly, due to the beautifully crafted, atmospheric vocals and slow, dark, wrist-slashingly depressive aura. The song takes a good two and a half minutes of gloomy, but perfectly drawn out sadness, before ripping into a guitar solo that Hammett would sell his soul for, before finishing with some Sabbath-dripping riffage that completes a perfect slab of Metal songwriting.

Keep your eyes peeled here for upcoming gig and album reviews but if you are in the Glasgow area check out the dates below and go see them for yourself.

Upcoming Gigs

31/7/15 – The Cathouse

  24/9/15 – Audio (in support of One Machine)

Words and Pic: Ritchie Birnie


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