Introducing: Aversions Crown

Formed in Brisbane in 2010, Aversions Crown took deathcore to a new level in Australia. Their first album, ‘Servitude’ set the mark in 2011, then the constant touring and support work led to the face melting ‘Tyrant’ in 2014. With this album being released through the Nuclear Blast label, the band had the opportunity to take their music across the globe. New fans were drawn to Aversions Crown due to their comparison to Thy Art Is Murder, a band who had also helped produce the first album, and who they had toured with. As time goes on, Aversions Crown continues to grow in stature and carve out their own sound and comparisons have started to fade.

Touring ‘Tyrant’ has been not stop since its release. This album has a brutal guitar attack and an insane metal drumming performance that knocks the breath out of you when you see it live. ‘Hollow Planet’ was the main track from the album, and set the tone of a world under attack from aliens with punishing tracks and non-stop riffs. Forget about Hanger 18 – that’s been done – this is 40 minutes of onslaught and brutality.

The end of 2014 saw the guys tour Australia, then Europe, then Europe again, this time with Rings Of Saturn in tow. Then it’s back to Australia to support the Soilwork national tour in February 2016. The only problem with all of this touring is when is the next album is coming out?… but let’s enjoy the live performances before the band head back to the studio. If you like your metal simple then forget it. Aversions Crown throw a spanner into those works. Want tight musicianship, machine gun drumming, alien incursion, and all out attack?… then look no further. For those of you that love deathcore, especially with a triple eight string guitar attack (!), have a look at the video of ‘Hollow Planet’

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