Interview With Waylander

THEY were amongst the first to merge folk and metal, to bring together traditional sounds with the might of metal as far back as the early 90s – they are Waylander.

And, as they prepare for their appearance at Hammerfest VII in a couple of short weeks we caught up with ArdChieftain O’Hagan to check out what is happening in the Waylander camp in 2015….what shape are the band in?

“We have a stable line up, which always helps, but having 6 people in the band with work and family commitments means that getting everyone together at the same time in the same place, is difficult,”

As the history of the band goes, it is fair to say that Waylander were trailblazers in the journey towards folk metal in the 21st Century.

!In recent years, with the various anniversaries that have came up, has meant that i’ve thought about this more than usual. Of course we were trailblazers [your word not mine], the evidence is there for all to see.

“We wrote ‘Born to the Fight’ as far back as 1993, so we were one of the handful of bands playing folk influenced Metal back then. Our debut album, ‘Reawakening Pride Once Lost’ has been cited as an influence by many bands.”

O’Hagan went on: “As for being trailblazers these days, well, no, we’re not. I can’t see how we could be unless we completely reinvent our sound and produce music which has never been done before. Pretty impossible in this day and age, don’t you think?”

But the band are not sitting on their laurels…

“We are working on new material which should be recorded some time this year,” he said. “As for releasing a new album, who knows when, but it will happen. We will hopefully arrange some shows later on in the year but nothing confirmed just yet.”

With the Hammerfest appearance imminent we wanted to know how important are festivals for bands like Waylander.

“Festivals are always important for a band to play, especially for bands like ourselves who don’t tour extensively. There is the unique opportunity to play to a larger than normal audience and more chance of making new fans. Hammerfest has been good to us and we are really looking forward to playing the main stage for the 2nd time.”

But before we bid Waylander good luck at Hammerfest we wanted to hear what tips they could offer festival newbies…

“It’s important to buy at least one item of whatever Waylander are selling in the Merch shop, that ensures that a member of the band won’t murder you. Not being dead is definitely a plus when trying to enjoy a Festival.

“The only other piece of advice i can offer is to never sober up, thus eliminating the prospects of the dreaded hangover. “

Sound advice we think, and please drink irresponsibly…

Interview by Jonny


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