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After reviewing Wildways new album Into The Wild, Ritchie was eager to sit with Wildways vocalist, Toli Wild, for a chat.

Thank you for taking time out to speak to Devils Gate Media today. We appreciate your time. Firstly I have to congratulate you on “Into The Wild”. I found it a complete breath of fresh air as well as a hell of a lot of fun. How did you settle on your sound?

Hello! Thanks for your amazing review and for warm words to us. Really appreciate that. Back to question, I really don’t know man. For example, we never set out to do something like, “let’s do something trendy”, no that’s not really us, but I guess a lot of people think that we recorded that stuff and have changed our style because we want to be trendy or more popular but that’s not the truth. We really did something we liked, we just like a lot of different genres and we do what we want. So how we got this sound? I just love my rap vocals, Denis (ex-guitarist who worked on album as well) loves pop-music, Sergey lovse true hardcore and something classical, Harry loves punk, Kery loves fashion breakdowns, so when we combined all of this we got “Into The Wild”. Amazing isn’t it?

You pack so much into each and every song, there are so many genres spliced together. On paper it should not work but when you listen to the songs you get taken on a journey through different bands, sounds and years. Who inspired you musically to buck the trend of a certain genre and just do your own thing?

So again, we just pack different genres in one cause all members love different things. Honestly yeah, that’s a huge risk for us cause we could do it bad or listeners can just won’t understand it. So, we will see. But I’m happy that you already checked the full album and loved it!

You are the first band I have ever reviewed coming out of Russia. The west does not get a lot of exposure to bands from your country. Arethere other bands that we should be looking out for?

Yeah! Check some good Russian bands like: Amatory, Vo’Devil Stokes, I’m Waiting For Your Last Summer, My Autumn, and Slaughter to Prevail!

I have always seen past the visuals in videos and have always imagined although the end results look great, for a band the process may be a bit boring but how was shooting “Faka Faka Yeah” as that looked like a lot of fun?

Oh fuck man. We had a 3 different days. 1st we shot the band just playing, it was such a long and hard night, we all were soooo tired. 2nd day and night was party shooting. Dude it was blast! Super crazy, drunk night. A lot of people, everyone really fucked up, it was a party and we just destroyed everything there. One fun fact is that we shot the video in the same building where Chunk! No Captain! Chunk! played in Moscow this evening and 3 of them just joined us for a hour. Haha, crazy. You can find them in the video actually.

To promote the album will you be venturing into Western Europe for a tour?

Yeah, we’re going to do an European tour this May. We will announce it really soon.

In the UK it is extremely hard for a young band to make it today. The talent is in no shortage but the whole business is now geared towards touring to even try and break even, is it the same in Russia?

Probably, but I think the main problem in Russian metal-hardcore-rock scene, is that we really don’t have a lot of good bands. Music here in Russia is on another level  to what’s in UK or US, so that’s why that kind of business not working in Russia.

You have just finished another video. Is it a different style to Faka?

Actually we finished 2 new videos. All of them are absolutely different. You’re from UK right? So the video for song “Princess” is going to be really interesting for you cause we have an amazing and beautiful UK girl from the band “Anavae” in this video. Be sure to check this out later!

Are you desperate to get the album out? It doesn’t hit stores till 25th March?

We’re so stoked dude. Actually I’ve made a pre-order of my album hahaha.

Have you got a plan for the next 5 years or is it just going to be tour, record, tour?

We will conquer the world!

We like to finish up on a lighter note so if you got offered a free world tour support slot for one of the following would you take it and if yes who and why?(options are: Justin Beiber, Beyonce, One Direction or Take That).

Wow, hard question. I would say, Justin Beiber, Beyonce, One Direction, Take That because the last JB album is SO AMAZING! I jam it a lot and often but in the same time I really love Beyonce, sooo…don’t know.

Once again thank you for your time and your honesty. I hope you do manage to make it to the UK for a tour sometime soon as I would love to see you guys.

Thanks for your review again and for all these interesting questions!

Interview: Ritchie Birnie


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