Interview: She Must Burn

Carol recently sat down with She Must Burn…

So, 2015 was some year for you guys, from releasing your video for “Eclipse”, releasing your 6 track self-titled EP, touring with Cradle of Filth and Heart Of A Coward… It was a pretty good year for you then, eh! What was your favorite moment of 2015 be?

Collectively as a band and personally; touring with Cradle of Filth has to be our favourite moment from 2015. How many people can say they got the opportunity to tour with their childhood idols? We will never forget those shows and the experience as a whole. We learned a lot from them and are elated to say we made some lifelong friends.

You guys seemed to have come from nowhere and all of a sudden became something quite hopeful… What do you feel made this happen?

Hard fucking work and dedication haha. People see the finished product of your work and rarely think about what actually happens behind the scenes. The amount of time, money, travelling, stress and passion that goes into the creative aspect of a band can really take its toll on you. But if you love something enough, it doesn’t matter how many times you scrape your knees trying to get somewhere with it – you know it’s all worth it. You get out what you put in.

You have recently been signed to Artery Records, and a massive congratulations on that by the way! What are your thoughts and feelings on this?

Thank you! We are beyond stoked to be a part of the Artery family along with some of our favourite bands. We’ve received such a warm welcome from them and feel like this is our chance to really push ourselves now.

And you have recently just dropped your self-titled EP, what would be your inspirations for writing this record?

Our inspirations writing wise for the self titled EP stem from numerous things. We’re six people that are VERY different and therefore have something original to bring to the band. Our individual music tastes vary far and wide and that’s something that we enjoy manipulating into the final smb sound.

What’s your favorite track off of “She Must Burn” EP?

For me personally; The misery.

There are millions of bands across the globe who are all writing music and trying to get it out there, to become successful. What do you guys think makes your music stand out from the crowd?

I think it’s possibly our attitude towards not overly caring about what people want to hear/see. She must burn are not here to fit in, conform to a certain genre and to people please. We’ve had people saying “do more low vocals like so and so” or “do more breakdowns”….why? So we can sound like this band, or that band? That kind of defeats the point in what we’re doing. You can relate parts of our sound to other bands, but on the whole people are saying we’re a new breed. A new formula of genres. That’s fucking great and The people that get what we’re doing, are really enjoying it! Just do what you love, not what others want.

Not a lot of bands get to play with some of their inspirational role models, but you guys did! How did you find that?

Sometimes I have to remind myself that it DID happen…it wasn’t just an elaborate dream I banked from when I was 12 haha. Cradle are an inspirational band, not only for their live show, but also for the way they work. Very admirable, profession and decent human beings.

Since being on tour with Cradle of Filth and Heart Of A Coward, have you learnt anything through these experiences?

We learned a lot! How to better our band work ethic and how to build up our live show.

 What would you say your favorite show was on either tour?

London, Koko was a life changer for us all on the Cradle tour. Would definitely like to re-live that moment again! On the Heart of a Coward tour, Nottingham possibly. We’ve found good friends in the people of Nottingham! Always feel welcomed there and have a good time playing.

Where is your favorite venue to play?

We love playing a fair few venues…but….Koko hands down for me.

 What is your favorite track to play live?

The Misery! I love playing that track live. I get a moment to take a cheeky look at the lads and take in the crowd. It’s just great seeing us all really getting into it!

Since releasing your EP, what are your next steps as a band? Will we be seeing you guys on tour? Back into writing? Back into the studio? What are we to expect?

We’ve got one or two shows coming up, but our main priority now is to get an album done. We’ve starting the writing process and hit the studio for pre production this month! We’re also aiming to get new single and video out for you all.

If you were to go on tour… Which bands would you take with you on the road?

 Oh man…were all big Flesh God Apocalypse fans, so getting to tour with them would be fantastic.

And finally, here at Devils Gate Media – We like to mix it up a bit at the end and throw in a curveball question at the end that has no relevance to anything what-so-ever… Are you ready for this?!


If none of you could play an instrument, or be able to sing or scream… Had no musical talent at all… What would you choose to do as a career?

….oh dear! That’s a toughy. There literally is no other option for us haha… I’d probably go back to waiting tables, hating my life until I packed my bags and became a child of nature alone some place in the middle of fucking nowhere. James would probably try and become a world record holder for the most beers drunk in one sitting without dying. Frankie would straight up buy a boat and become a pirate with a peg leg and all. I can see Jonny as an air hostess. Get that guy in a skirt and makeup and he’d fool you all. Dan would probably lock himself away in a dark room for months until he’s published the perfect novel…with words so big, no one understands what the fuck it’s about. Joe would definitely become the town creep. Trench coat, glasses, looking through your windows.

Once again, thank you so much for taking the time to speak to us here at Devils Gate Media. I really enjoyed the EP and I hope it goes on to be a great success!

Thank you! Hope to chat again soon x

Interview by Carol Black


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