Interview: Dimeday – The Australian Festival

Wagga Wagga, New South Wales

I’ve been to many festivals all over the place from the mud of the UK, to the dustbowls of Australia. It’s a place to go where you are amongst the metal clan and see the headliner, see the up-and-comer and watch that band you’ve never heard before then go hunt down their CD. I heard about Dimeday after reviewing Teramaze and Gods Of Eden, and looked it up. After about 2 minutes I thought I have to speak to these guys who have managed to put together a bill of Australia’s up and coming metal talent. The most amazing thing about this is that it all takes place in Wagga Wagga in country, New South Wales. It’s an agricultural town about 4.5 hours north of Melbourne, and about the same distance west of Sydney… so we are deep into country music territory. But these guys have a history of attracting bands such as LORD, Dead City Ruins, and Vanishing Point. So, with the chance to speak to two of the organisers, Beers and Moff, I need to find out what Dimeday is, how it came about and what’s happening this year.

Hello guys. What’s Dimeday, and how long has it been going?

“Dimeday has been going on since the first anniversary of the Dimebag’s death. That is, a group of guys getting together to sink some beers and listen to Dimebag’s music. Dimeday as a concert has been going on since 2008. So many people have been touched and influenced by his music, that coming together to play his music seemed a really natural way to honour his memory. It started out just as mates having beers, but the more people were brought into the fold, the day in his memory evolved to what it is now. If you come to the show, there is a vibe there that we only ever see at concerts for big named bands. Everyone is there to honour the man and you can feel it. Honestly, that is what keeps us going.”

How do you attract bands to Wagga?

“We ask them!!!But more than that, having played in bands before, we really do everything we can to make it easy for bands. We provide a backline so that travel requirements are easier. We cover their accommodation so that staying here isn’t a hassle. We don’t offer a cut of the door, we guarantee them a fee. We include them in all merch so it promotes them as much as it promotes us.”

I’m sure a lot of bigger promoters can learn from that. Can you give us an idea of the bands that you’ve had there? I know Dead City Ruins have done okay since playing at Dimeday!

“We like to invite bands that have a different flavour so that the day isn’t monotonous. We really do try to bring bands that wouldn’t normally play Wagga. Over the years we’ve had the likes of: Heathen Ritual, Deprivation, Red Bee, Order of Torment, Electrik Dynamite, Segression, LORD, Dead City Ruins and Vanishing Point, but we always like to have a few local bands open the day. These have included The Metatron, Reign, Nemesphyxia and Dead Reckoning. They mightn’t be bands that you’ve heard of, but the crowd are always supportive of the bands and they always rise to the occasion. This year we are proud of the line up with TERAMAZE, Cowboys From Here, Gods Of Eden, Whisky Smile, Burning Beards and Rise Of Avernus. So good line up with bands that have a strong following.”

What’s the memory… the best memory… you guys have had so far? Who’s the stand out?

“This is a real toughy. We might just answer this one separately.”

Moff: “Every year it manages to outdo itself. The banner last year, unrolling it and setting it up, it just blew me away.

Beers: “Not to take anything away from any other year, but the way 2012 fell together was unbelievable. We had tried to get the bigger named bands for the year or so previously and then 2012 they all were available and all were keen to play. It was awesome. But, also last year. I felt that we took everything we had learned from the years previous and brought it together for that night. Despite the major hiccup with the merch, the gig still felt so finely tuned. Sorry, that’s two!”

What have you got planned for the future for Dimeday?

“That’s a secret. But each year has been bigger and better, let’s just leave it at that.”

Alright, I’ll let that one go, and look out for Ed Force One landing! What do the locals think of the metal fest? Life goes on? Or do they take notice?

“Beyond a shadow of a doubt, everyone takes notice. We’ll be honest, they make Dimeday what it is. It’s more than just Moff and Beers, it’s more than the bands – the people who come and rock out with us are just phenomenal. Everyone comes there for their own reason, but everyone is there for the same reason; to rock the fuck out in honour of Dimebag.”

Okay. What is your ‘Ultimate Dimeday’? Who would be the 5 bands on the bill?

“For us, we would love to include those who played music with and around him (Dimebag). So the obvious ones are


Kill Devil Hill


Black Label Society

As for a 5th, that’s a real tough one. Maybe a personal choice… Metallica. But we always close the night with Cowboys from Here, so they’ll have to be number 6!”

Thanks guys, and thanks for taking the time.

So to everyone out there who maybe goes to festivals and wonders at the size of them, they all started somewhere. Metal fans the world over, you just got to get behind these guys and give them support for what they do and how they go about it. I for one am thinking about the road trip!! I’ve listed the links below, and if anyone wants to setup a Dimeday then these guys should be your first stop.



The event:


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