IDOLATRY ‘Idolatry’ Review

Hailing from Canada’s frozen tundra ….. Well…. OK …. Edmonton, Black Metal quintet ‘Idolatry’ have unleashed upon humanity their debut self titled EP, a four track offering that’s a twenty five minute chunk of raw, sinister, yet atmospheric Black Metal with lyrical inspiration plucked from philosophy and at the defence of Atheistic Satanism and for those who are unclear, this a completely different concept to that of the “devil worshiping loonies” along with the expulsion of abhorrent, inner turmoil which is natural result of that philosophy.

The EP has a very classic sound, dirty edged, distorted and sinister but atmospheric black riffing and vocals from Lörd Matzigkeitus that are largely indecipherable, like deranged ramblings but hugely expressive and atmospheric particularly with the addition of the higher tortuous screams. On the slower and more deliberate ‘Stygian Creed’ and the more up tempo ‘Age of Disgust’ there is the addition of spoken vocals towards the end which are a welcome dark addition to the mix.

I am glad I had lyrics sheet, given the largely indecipherable nature of the delivery, a comment and not a criticism, because sometimes aesthetics are more important, but reading through, the content is dark, intelligent and challenging, as Black Metal should be.

‘Idolatry’ is available from Depressive Illusions Records as a limited edition CD and the band also have a split 7”,’Infection Born of Ending’ with US black metal outfit’ Unrest’ and are working on a full length release. This EP is a good starting point for a band with a lot of potential still waiting to be unlocked; it will be interesting to hear the full length when it comes out hopefully with a slightly sharper production just to bring forward and define the guitars, drums and bass a little more but not so much that it destroys that raw edge.

Review by Jools Green


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