Hyperdose, the band you need to hear now!!!

If the debut single is anything to go by this band are set to be massive. The sound is huge with a real industrial sound akin to Skillet. Everyone here at devils Gate Media cannot get enough and it is on heavy rotation. I am impressed at the big sound, powerful vocals and some seriously heavy guitar work. Check out the Lyric video below.

[caption id="attachment_5878" align="aligncenter" width="686"] Hyperdose[/caption]

Hyperdose” is an American active rock band formed in the spring of 2015 from Oklahoma City & Lincoln, NE, USA. The twins, Blake & Justin Mattea (former members of Signum A.D.) began writing with lead singer Ben Rivera and together founded Hyperdose.

The Debut single entitled, “Take Control” was released April 12, 2015 and showcases a raw, elevated dose of uncaged vocal energy grounded on dynamic edge toppling and innovative layers of guitar riffs & deep backbone. Using producer, Chris Freels, “Take Control” was recorded at The MusicGroup Studios in Oklahoma City, OK. The single includes additional vocals from Gabe Aranda from the successful modern rock act, Aranda. Plans to finish and EP and perform are in the works.

Catch the Lyric video for the single here https://www.facebook.com/Hyperdose/app_212104595551052

[caption id="attachment_5879" align="aligncenter" width="686"] Hyperdose[/caption]

Members include:

Ben Rivera (Vocals)

Blake Mattea (Guitar)

 Justin Mattea (Bass)


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