GROTESQUE DEITY ‘ Bloodream’ Review

‘Bloodream’ ,may be the debut release from Mexican death metal quintet ‘Grotesque Deity’ but it has the finesse of seasoned musicians, its old school, thrash-tinged, death metal, with aspects reminiscent of the likes of Dismember, Morgoth, Carnage or possibly Asphyx but with its own uniqueness.

It’s a seven track offering spanning twenty-four minutes, a   decent duration for an EP, delivering dirty, catchy, riffing, thrashy solos and deep gargling gutturals of ground shaking proportions, all in sufficient quantity to keep the most demanding listener happy, beginning with ‘Lord of Torment’ across which, a suitably distorted repeat riff opens and reappears over the duration of the track, overall a crushingly good start with excellent drum work and the first of those slightly indecipherable but amazingly expressive and ground shaking vocals and ending on a pretty decent closing solo.

‘Field Drinks Blood’ has good tempo switching , from mid to fast across the whole of this track, even taking on a deathly groove midway with the excellent drum work continuing to pummel throughout , there’s also a notable midpoint solo on this superbly varied and fascinating offering.

Title track, ‘Bloodream’ has a fast tempo and a subtle yet memorable repeat riff that runs just below the surface, the track turns slower and darker midway through but still that riff is maintained, ending on thrashy closing solo.

‘In Dim Abysses’ is my favourite track of the release, classic styled, hugely memorable and catchy death metal riffing, the tempo becoming addictively racy and the vocals encompass the broadest and most expressive range so far on the album, nicely garnished with crashing cymbals and suitably pummelling drums and the tempo switches seamlessly, which is an achievement considering the substantial rises and drops undertaken.

‘Putrid Salvation’ is punchy, dirty death metal, only two and a half minutes in duration, with tempo and direction changes that are so swift and sharp they will make you dizzy, Grotesque Deity know how to grab and hold onto your attention.

‘The Chasm of Knowledge’, a dark intense track that opens with an ominous air, rapidly ramping up the pace, the vocals were slightly more decipherable here, yet still deep enough to cause the ground to tremor beneath your feet.

Finally bonus track, ‘You Were Flesh’, originally released as a demo track in April 2014, a good track with a greater degree of legibility to the vocals and one which also illustrates the bands developmental path in the last twelve months or so to one that has become more adventurous and more dimensional.

Bloodream’ definitely worth giving a listen and is available from Infernal Devastation Records as a CD or digital download.

Review by Jools Green


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