Depraved Plague – Systemic

Depraved Plague are a four-piece death-metal band from Cambridge who started in 2010 with the aim of taking influences from the genre and giving them a modern edge with the idea that this would give them a unique sound. Their album “Systemtic” was released via Contagion Records in October 2013.

The album kicks into life with the first song “Chokehold” which is filled with interesting riffs and powerful drums. The vocals brought by Mark are certainly guttural (if a little hard to understand). The timing changes through the track keep it alive.

Track number four, “Degradation” reminded me of Origin somewhat. The way the track bursts open with a drum and vocal frenzy, which support from a hefty guitar sound. This is my favourite track on the album and I feel the drummer, Michael, proves himself to be a capable drummer within it.

“Rapture in Death” is the track I would most like to see live. It’s pumped full of energy and it could make a good show great. It would leave me concerned that someone might die in the mosh pit though.

Depraved Plague are a promising band and they have a good amount of passion for metal within their music. However, stating that you wish to have a “unique” sound within death metal is a rather big aim to set yourselves and Depraved Plague fall short. It could be argued that there hasn’t been anything truly unique to death metal in years but this band definitely have nothing unique about them. They are good at what they do but bringing a modern edge to old school death metal is not a new idea and certainly does not make them unique.

Review by Eileen Bate

Furthermore, his album could have been good; the members are clearly passionate about death meal and have been playing long enough to be good at it but the mix of this album inhibits it. The drums are too loud and the bass is too quiet. The whole time I was listening I just wanted more bass, more meat, from them.

Hopefully with their next album, Depraved Plague can focus a little less on bringing something new to death metal, and a little more on creating an album that shows their own capabilities as musicians.


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