Interview: Cyberstar

Thank you for taking time out to speak to DGM. I have to say I love the debut single “Eye For An Eye”. It is very different from all your individual bands so how did you decide on the vibe for Cyberstar?

“We just threw ideas out there to each other and made it happen.”

The song seems very angry, is that aimed at an individual or a situation?

“It is aimed at people or an individual rising above anything that holds you down and moving forward with what you believe in, no matter what.”

With all the things going on in the world and it impacting directly on our love of music with the events in Paris do you believe in an eye for an eye or do you think peace is the way to resolve this?

“I believe music breaks boundaries and brings everyone together. At the same time the attackers in Paris didn’t share that passion and they as well as all who are like them need to go, where ever it is that they don’t harm innocent people, and be happy doin what they do.”

I have read Cyberstar came about from Jasen and Billy getting together in Europe, can you give us a bit more information around how it all actually came into being.

“Point blank, Fozzy and Drowning Pool toured Europe and shared a bus. I thought Jasen was a great vocalist and artist and here we go!”

You have to be very careful with side bands as they can be classed as throwaway and sometimes the use of the word “supergroup” is used all too often and what comes out is never the sum of all the parts. Was this something you discussed? Did you have a conversation that if it wasn’t good enough you wouldn’t do it?

“No we just enjoyed what we wrote together and are working on moving forward.”

When can we expect to see the EP released and even more excitingly where and when are people going to get to see you live?


Since we are talking about live I have to get a dig in at Billy. As an ardent Fozzy fan from Glasgow why the hell did you not play here on this tour? I was lucky enough to be at the Glasgow Garage show back in March and it was fantastic. You guys never stopped smiling and the audience were crazy that night…so please explain ( sorry if you are squirming).

“Promoters! It’s all on them. But Glasgow is definitely one of Fozzy’s favorite places to play.”

Back to Cyberstar now, logistically how are you going to make it work? Will the band be fitted in around all other schedules or do you think you will deliberately set aside time to continue working together?

“We will make it work how ever need be. Right now we are just writing songs and having fun.”


Would you consider a bill with all your bands together and open with Cyberstar?

“I would but its a longshot.”

How easily and quickly did the music come together?

“Very quick and very natural.”

You will all be used to doing things a set way with your own bands, how much of a compromise did you all have to make to get the EP done?

“Very easy compromising everything at this point.”

The “Eye For An Eye” video it is a Lyric one but will we see you all together for a full video for any of the songs on the EP?

“Yes as soon as we can make it happen.”

We are very close to the Thanksgiving holiday and although there is quite a bit of contention around the celebrating of this can you let everyone know what the biggest thing in your life is that you are thankful for.

“I have been blessed with an awesome life. I am thankful for everything and everyone in it.”

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