Bloodyard "Darker Rage" Review

Formed in 2010 through a love of all things metal, Bloodyard are a death metal band from the north of England. Bloodyard have built up a strong following, playing shows all over the UK.

In 2013 the band released their first EP ‘Set to Fall’. Now in 2015 they are back with highly anticipated second EP ‘Darker Rage’.

Opening track ‘Epitaph’ starts off with a thunderous guitar riff from Nick Adamson. The vocals by Donna Hurd are strong, deep and powerful. However, in this song drummer Matty Lee keeps a simple safe drumbeat that takes away from the rest of the song and sounds more like a drum machine. Apart from that, the song is amazing and a great opening track.

Next up is ‘Sacred To None’. It starts off slower with a beautiful soft guitar, then blasts into heavy guitar, drums and bass. The drums are a lot better in this song, they are crisp and full of energy. This track is the least heavy track on the EP. Due to the slower pace of the song, the bass played by Dave Cowley is a lot more dominant and easy to pick up.

The next track is ‘Darker rage’, the heaviest track on the EP, and my personal favourite. It’s a song that shows what death metal is all about, growling vocals, a thunderous guitar riff, a heavy hitting bass line and drums full of energy and passion. The song ends suddenly leaving you wanting more. Good thing it’s not the last track.

Last up is ‘Dead Relics’ like ‘Sacred To None’ it starts off slower, then hits into an epic fast drum beat. This track is perfect head-banging music, and you will find your head moving to the beat. The song ends differently to the others. It ends with a mix of normal singing vocals and heavy screaming vocals. They mix well together and make for an epic ending to a great second EP.

Review: Rebecca Livingstone


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