Bloodshot Dawn, Seprevation and Overoth – Voodoo, Belfast

When it comes to laying down the licks, no-one quite does it better than the shred machines that live in the dark recesses of technical Death Metal. Since Chuck first débuted the beast that was ‘Death’, technicality has been given full rein, and in the underground Death scene, keeping the shred alive, are BLOODSHOT DAWN. In Belfast’s Voodoo, they proved why so many have come to admire them, like them, and indeed worship the skills of all four members.

On the three band line-up, openers OVEROTH showed immense presence and skill. Despite a thin crowd, they played as if they were festival openers rather than at a small venue.

Andy’s vocals and bass rumble led the line with Andrew and Daniel’s guitar work blending well. ‘Upon the Alter’ was among the stand-out tracks on the night. And there is promise of fresh material soon from the band. Given the battering Jay gave the kit and Andrew’s seamless solos, future releases are eagerly awaited from this Belfast Death Metal crew.

‘God of Delusion and ‘Sigil of the Empty Throne’ were among the three new songs aired, all sounding fresh, and to resurrect the old cliché…brutal.

Bristolians, SEPREVATION brought a neat take on death metal and thrash. Airing the tracks from their début album ‘Consumed’, they proved that there is no need to be constrained by genre boundaries. If you want your thrash mixed with blackened death metal; with some classic metal riffage then Seprevation are for you.

Lluc, Joss, Ian and Jamie brought the riffs to new levels with a furious cover of Iron

Maidens ‘The Trooper’. Now, several other bands have tried to give the magnificent original a full tilt charge, but Seprevation moved it into hyperspace – fast and furious, but still true to the song’s birth.

Bloodshot Dawn’s new album officially went on sale the night before this gig; an album which was funded by a Kickstarter campaign that achieved its targets in days. Before the show a number of the contributors to that campaign had a personal meet and greet as a thank you from the band.

By the end of the night everyone was thankful that they had come to Belfast to play a totally blinding set.

With Ben’s solos, John’s rhythm and roar, Andy’s outrageous bass playing and Janne’s assault on the kit, this was as complete as technical death metal set as has been seen in a long time in Belfast.

Despite it being held on the curse of gig nights, a Monday, hardy souls braved the Monday evening to witness the birth of something potentially great.

‘Demons’ as an album, has ratcheted up the Dawn patrol of the extremities of playing this type of music.

‘Smoke and Mirrors’, ‘Unified’ and title track all stood out, and really should be aired in bigger venues with bigger crowds to showcase the band’s ability.

It would be easy to be dazzled by the musical finesse, without seeing the work that has been put into the arrangements. The band have, unlike many, realised that there is still a song at the heart of what is done. In Belfast it wasn’t a case of the song remaining the same. This was a masterclass on how to change it up and push harder.

Older material from their début release – such as ‘The Quantum Apocalypse’ and ‘Godless’ – seem to have been energised by the heady levels of the performance.

As a reviewer it is easy to slip into hyperbole. This time it is justified. Three great bands, two great sets, and one stellar performance from Bloodshot Dawn.

Review by Jonathan Traynor

Photos from MetalPlanet Belfast – Darren McVeigh


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