Bloodshot Dawn 'Demons' Review

Bloodshot Dawn have risen steadily up the ranks as one of Englands most promising Extreme Metal bands. A balanced fusion of brutality, melody, flair and versatility has seen them write some of the most vital Metal to arise for many years. Such was the acclaim garnered with their aponymously titled debut record back in 2012, that their newest creation ‘Demons’ was funded by eager fans through a kickstarter campaign. The attention Bloodshot Dawn have found has resulted in a slot on the main stage at Bloodstock Open Air this year. With an ever growing exposure, a rigid touring schedule and the strength of this new record under their belt they look to be an increasingly dominant force in Metal for years to come.

Lead single ‘Smoke and Mirrors’ opens up the record with the purest of statements. The infectious intro melody easily matches the quality of any from Carcass’s Heartwork era. There’s a constant pulse at the centre of Bloodshot Dawns music perfectly complementing furious Thrash like Rhythms with a cinematic scope and hyper melodic harmonies not unlike the pinnacle of The Black Dahlia Murder and Scar Symmetry’s work. They immediately establish themselves as a flawlessly tight musical unit. The flair of guitarists Benjamin Ellis and Josh McMorran shines through with some of the most beautifully crafted solos in the Modern Metal roster. ‘Unified’ is a fine example of what a masterclass in riffery sounds like. The intro climbs majestically from a faded single channel riff before the volume gradually ascends and explodes into full form. With the stellar performances binding it all together the momentum only builds throughout. The latter half of ‘Unified’ sees Bloodshot Dawn in their element, managing to epitomise everything that sets them leagues apart. The savage undertones inject filth aplenty, but it’s the fluid melodies and nimble solos which combine to create something monumental.

Black Hole Infinity marks the half way point, and sounds every bit as invigorating as the tracks which precede it. One of the albums most dynamic cinematic pieces, it weaves between grandiosity, elegance and fervour and often the transcendent consolidation of all three. Despite this, Human Void manages to interject even more elements into their sound, with riffs which speak greatly to the Grindiest side of Death Metal a la Aborted and Cattle Decapitation. The vocal performance really stands tall here, infusing a passionate fury not often matched. As the self titled closing track ‘Demons’ terminates, I get a real sensation that these guys can only go from strength to strength.

In summation this record unequivocably maintains my faith that the Metal scene still has plenty of lifeblood running through it. With ‘Demons’ Bloodshot Dawn have crafted something truly special. The maturity shines through in every facet from the songwriting to the subject matter. With a true homegrown mentality, these guys have crafted their own niche and progress leaps and bounds with their every enterprise. 2015 is surely shaping up to be Bloodshot Dawns crowning year. Power to them.

Review by Sam Smart.

Demons is released 26 October 2014

Pre-Order the album HERE. Check out the video for ‘Smoke and Mirrors’


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