Review: Blackwork – 'Impasse'

Blackwork are a five-piece (Josh Graham, Greig Cunningham, Chris Dunn, Tony Dunn and Chris Vezza) from Glasgow, Scotland. Forming back in 2014, it has taken them next to no time at all to smash out a three track demo and get out in the scene. Since their last self-titled release, Blackwork have been working, and are now ready to drop their highly anticipated new EP “Impasse” on the 25th March 2016.

From the opening seconds of “Alias”, I instantly knew this was going to be a good listen. The opening track starts nice and calm with a melodic approach then everything swiftly kicks off in perfect musical harmony. A new controlled sort of heavy. A good mixture of different sounds, from all instruments and vocalist.

Next we have “Filthist”, the first single to be released from “Impasse”. This track is definitely bound to get your feet moving, riff-galore! Understandably why this track is the first release from the EP. This track grabs your attention with how technically written it is, once you start listening you’ll find it very difficult to shut it off!

In third place we have, “Unguided”. Starting with the popping sound of the snare then it proceeds to explode with crushing heaviness from the guitars and bass, then following with unclean vocals. Not only that this track is melodic and heavy but it has it’s catchy sections in it too. I REALLY loved the chilled melodic flow at 2.40 in, it was refreshing and beautifully done. A good mix up to the ending of the track.

Track four, we have “Rust”. Definitely one of the heavier tracks from “Impasse”. The structure of this track is incredible. The bass tones were totally standing out for me in this one. It gave the sound so much more depth! Time changes and signatures are uniquely brilliant! A very well written track and one of my favorites!

And finally, the last track of this phenomenal EP. At track five… The EP title track, “Impasse”. Stunning from the opening seconds, kicking off with a very lush melodic instrumental piece by the guitars then all hell breaks loose with a fade in of soaring screams. In this track I find it very difficult to pin point a favorite section, from the melodic instrumental parts, the unclean and clean vocals, the bass structure and drum patterns, it’s near enough impossible! Beautifully done and a personal favorite track for sure.

Overall, Blackwork are definitely 100% a band to watch out for in the metal scene. There is a raw passion for what they do and I really liked the fact that they’re pushing their own sound, not just your traditional metal sound. This band are unique in every sense of the word. While listening to “Impasse” I had reminders of bands like Bleed From Within, Lamb Of God and Killswitch Engage. It was very refreshing for me to listen to a band like these guys and I highly recommend that you check these guys out – I have a strong feeling these guys are going to explode all over the scene! 10/10. Blackwork have an upcoming EP release show for “Impasse” which is on the 24th March 2016 @ Audio, Glasgow. Be sure to go down and check them out, I have no doubts that this show is going to be nuts!

Review by Carol Black


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