Blackwork EP release gig @ Audio, Glasgow

Following on from Carol’s rave review of Blackwork’s EP “Impasse” I got the chance to see the guys in action for the first time…and I was not disappointed!

Due to covering two gigs on the night I never got to Audio until support Misguided Anchors were finishing and I was kicking myself for that. I only managed to catch two songs but just from that short set I saw a band with genuine stage presence and something just that bit different. They have thrown the genre handbook out of the window(yes…..I hate that closed box crap) and melded a multitude of different sounds into quality songs. Due to arriving late I do not know how many people how were here tonight knew who this band were beforehand, but everyone was going apeshit. It could have been their crowd and that’s why they went down so well. I will definitely looking for these guys when they are next playing.

Now onto the reason we are here, to herald the release of “Impasse”. There was a party atmosphere by the time the guys took to the stage. There was a lot of smiles from fans and the band but it soon got serious as they burst into the brilliant” Filthiest”. It is the first single and rightly so as it is both heavy and accessible all at once. I am also doing photos tonight and I find this lets you really focus on individual talent as you tend to focus solely on one member at a time. You tend to find weaknesses quite quickly like that but I have to say I was seriously impressed at this bunch of guys. They only formed in 2014 but musically they are very tight and this is probably why Rage PR jumped after them( A very wise move from what I saw tonight).

Blackwork are at the heavier end of the scale for me but I never turn down the chance to see a band live. Over the years I have been amazed at performances of bands I would never have normally went to see and tonight is right up there with the best of them. Nights like tonight is the reason I shout, scream and shake anyone who will listen to” GO SEE LIVE MUSIC”. Don’t just stick with what you know. One of the craziest things I ever heard in my life was talking to someone at Download last year. The person I was talking too had been every year for 10 years and had only ever watched the main stage. I was dumbfounded, for me festivals are for finding the new bands as well as enjoying the old.

Blackwork are now well and truly on my to watch list. With lighter moments as on “Alias” to the soul cleaving brutality of “Rust” you have a show and a half. These boys are made for bigger things and to top it all we had a duet with another newly signed Rage act “Servant Sun’s” Andrew MacDonald. This was a highlight, not just as I know these guys, but I stood and watched a brilliant performance,  a performance that could have been on any stage in the world and it would have worked. I had a huge smile on my face as it dawned on me once again that Glasgow is full of talented young bands and that these two are flying the flag and right at the forefront.

Remember the name Blackwork as you are going to be reading it more and more over the years.

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The Fourth Kind


Images and review Ritchie Birnie

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