Amputated – Dissect Molest Ingest

According to Amputated’s facebook page, their influences include “torture” and “death”, among other things. Well, if ever an album showcased these influences, it’s this one. The title “Dessect Molest Ingest” paints a rather accurate picture that these influences are going to be rife throughout the album, and they are. The album begins with a torrent of news reports of various murders and assaults; setting the scene for an album of brutality, which is exactly what follows.

“Gorging on Putrid Discharge” is a mighty introduction to the music on this album; the news reports continue over chunky guitars before giving way to Mark Gleed’s guttural vocals. Garry Arlett’s drumming in this track serves to excite the listener and make the track feel full of energy, something that is consistent through the album to the very last track.

The next song of note on the album for me is “Skullfuck Lobotomy”. The song jumps straight into a solid beat and riff followed by powerful growling from Gleed. This song doesn’t ease you in with a sweet introduction; it’s unrelenting and unforgiving as it drags you into the kind of song you struggle not to headbang to on the bus. This is especially true at 58 seconds in where there is a definitive beat designed solely to move an audience. This track is short but impressive; a definite favourite for me.

The track that follows, “Psychotropic Suicide”, brings the pace back in line with the rest of the album: still dynamic but occasionally giving the listener a bit of respite. One small thing I absolutely loved in this track was 22 seconds in when you get to hear Harry Jewell stand apart from the band for a second and play some funky bass. In my eyes, a little bit of bass goes a long way in metal. In “When Whores Meet Saws” (an excellent title) you get treated to some more thrilling bass from Jewell at about 2:30 which, if you ask me, adds a nice bit of beef to the end of this track.

“Dissect Molest Ingest” does not disappoint as the title track to this album. It holds a variety of exciting riffs and rhythms to keep the listener on their toes and really exhibits every member’s talents; whether it’s Gleed’s powerful vocals, Arlett’s mighty drumming, Jewell’s excellent bass playing or the ever-astounding guitars provided by Daryl Barrett-Cross and Kai Cursons. If you only have time to listen to one track from this album, make it this one. It might not be my favourite but it’s definitely the one that stands out as the showcase song for the album.

The final track on the album “Toolbox Abortionist” is the perfect song to end on. It is another number that jumps straight in to the meat of the song and makes the listener submit entirely to it. The robust break downs featured are thrilling and the speech at the end, about crimes committed by a child, rounds off the album nicely and provides a nice parallel to the speech at the beginning of the album.

Overall I found this album to be excellent. Every member’s talents are exhibited and combined to create an exciting example of disturbing death metal. As someone who has not heard much of their previous stuff, I’m convinced I should go and listen to more Amputated


01. Body Of Work 02. Gorging On Putrid Discharge (Septic Felch, Wretched Belch) 03. The Local Flavour 04. Infanticidal Dysmorphia 05. Skullfuck Lobotomy 06. Psychotropic Suicide 07. When Whores Meet Saws 08. Subatomic Insemination 09. Six Feet Deep 10. Dissect Molest Ingest 11. Toolbox Abortionist]]>

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