Review: Adelitas Way – 'Getaway'

Well it is about time this album was released. I pledged for Adelitas Way’s latest album way back in January last year and my fingers are down to the bone drumming my impatience on the table. There are plenty of reasons for the delay, the biggest of which was the serious car crash Rick DeJesus had. One totalled car and one very, very lucky man. That said one of the first things he did was apologise to all the pledgers for the delay and for that I take my hat off to you Sir.

As I said I pledged for this, so you can quite easily assume I am a big fan and have been for some time. The three releases prior to “Getaway” have been outstanding so I had big hopes for this and as always, when you seriously like a band, a little apprehension. From the pledge I was luckily enough to receive four songs of which only two made it to the album but every one of these songs were sheer class. So, never mind the nonsense, let’s dive straight in.

The first track is also the first single and “Bad Reputation” has already been racking up the numbers. It is a classic Adelitas tune, full of don’t give a shit attitude all mixed up with a catchy as hell vibe. It has a great riff to start and the lyrical content makes me just want to sit down and have a beer with the guys. I reckon we could cause some trouble. The title track is next up and starts with great fuzzy guitars and has a 70s punk feel mixed for the new age. As usual it has a real killer of a hook and has a different feel for the boys which is what I love about pledge records. It gives bands total freedom to just play what they want and not give a crap what anyone thinks. “The Good Die Young” maybe refers to Rick and his accident, so only the bad ones make it through eh? On a serious note this is up there as my favourite track on the album. It has a real bluesy start, some lazy guitars and break outs.

“Low” is far from that, if anything this is another highlight. It has a real edgy guitar sound. I may get strung up for this but it did remind me of Nickelback (yes, I do like them as well…bring forth the Blabbermouth hate). Funny I should mention hate as this is the subject matter and, as you would expect from the guys, who cares, just bring it on! “Put you In Place” is another deviation from the expected and kicks off like a bit of Black Stone Cherry and has that bad boy edge. ” I Get Around” was one of the pledge tracks released last year and it was an instant hit with me. It was pure Adelitas through to its core and this will be a live favourite if I am not mistaken. Plenty of opportunities for a sing a long and with the chugging guitars and I can see the hands in the air clapping away. This also has a little punk attitude, especially at the break down.

Now for “Filthy Heart”. I took on board all the lyrics first time and, yes guys, I know exactly where you are coming from as I may have hung around with the wrong type of ladies as well! With all my pent up aggression I was happily singing,”you are a bitch” and with that guitar riff this makes for a brilliant song no questions asked. “Harbour The Fugitive” pulls out another classy blues driven riff and I instantly fell in love with this. At this point on my first listen to Getaway I was totally hooked and in my opinion this may now be my favourite album by the boys and that my friend is saying something. “Sometimes You’re Meant To Get Used” is back to the classic sound and the running theme that the female of the species may have caused some pain along the way.

The blues guitar is back on “Shame” and yip, ladies you are in for a bit of stick again. All the good ladies please write directly to the band and let them know you are out there or do the band just hang out in too many strip clubs? The song is a fuzzy, grungy, lower than a snake’s belly dirty type of track. Another top notch number. “Deserve This” closes out the album in fashion. That hook is sublime. This is a seriously powerful album and it packs a punch in every track that Mike Tyson wishes he still had. It drags you through the gutter and beats your brains in.

It was worth every second of the wait I had to endure before it’s arrival. All I can say is go buy it BITCHES!

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  1. Just got the album last night, & I’m in love with it too. I think Low is my favorite track, but they are all splendid. I liked the last album but I can’t help but admit I was a little disappointed at the lack of heaviness on that one. Not so with this album. I’m so glad they broke away from the record companies & just wrote the music for themselves & the fans. This album ROCKS!

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