Review: 48 Hours – Ivory Blacks, Glasgow

Ever since hearing 48 Hours’ album “Expectations” (read the review HERE) I have been dying for the tour to hurry its ass up and get here. The album is brilliant, the show was brilliant, and there was no one in the crowd who went away dissapointed.

First off the bat, a big ‘Thank you!’ to Horrorfly promotions who brought this show to Glasgow. Without them, Glasgow would have missed one hell of a show.

First up tonight was the support for the whole tour, Dead Dollar Days. Hats off to the London boys, who let the local support play second, although as they were to be found at the bar after their set, there may have been some ulterior motive involved. I hadn’t heard the band before, and as happens at nearly every gig nowadays, I have a new band to check up on. It helps that the guys were giving out free CDs. This was Dead Dollar Days’ first time in Scotland, and they seemed suitably impressed… so much so, they said they wanted to stay and become the new proclaimers (need to dig out the glasses and die your hair ginger guys). They played a solid set, and live I would say they have a real “Muse” sound. I was impressed with the songs, the playing, and the ability of bass player Laurence to finish the set on the floor (no, it was no Hendrix moment he just fell flat on his ass). I also enjoyed their introduction to 48 Hours, saying they will give you an erection (at this point, I will neither confirm or deny any truth). A good bunch of guys, and definitely ones to check out further.

With one local band pulling out, it was down to Manifold to hold the fort for Glasgow, and they did us proud. I caught the band recently supporting at the Stryker gig, and the power of vocalist Erin Wood’s voice captured my attention, so I was looking forward to paying a bit more attention tonight. The first thing that jumped out at me was the quality of the dual guitars. In fact, the fret work from both Eddy and Jonez was brilliant. The band have some excellent numbers, and when you tie this together with the rock star looks of the lost boy J B Storm and some dodgy hat and scarf set you are in for a treat. Throw in a great version of “Whole Lotta Rosie”, and you could not ask for more.

Now we get to the main event. 48 Hours have been hanging around out front, as well as getting out on the streets passing out flyers. They look hyped up when they hit the stage, and the tempo was upbeat from the moment they hit the boards, till they trashed their gear and left (please see photos for the state of Adam Jerome’s battered and bruised guitar… is there not a hotline for this type of abuse?).

I have to say, I was a bit perplexed when they left the stage after nine songs. With all the smashing of gear, I thought we had pissed them off, but speaking to them afterwards, they told me they only usually do seven songs, so we got an extended set list (this made me feel a little better).

As I said before, this was the band’s first venture into Scotland, and although this was not a packed venue tonight, they did make mention of how loud we were (the drink again… sorry). No matter the size of the venue or crowd, this city, above all others, appreciates good music. We do not take crap, so anything less than your best, and you will soon find out what a pissed off Glasgow choir is like, but the guys had no worry on that front tonight. They blasted through all my favourites from “Expectations”. The magnificent “Martyr”(see above video), “Liar”, and the title track were outstanding, as was my first experience of tracks from the previous offering “Recovery”. I bought this on the night, and I am currently playing the crap out of it. Another item I bought was a sheer piece of marketing genius for Scotland… a hip flask!!! How fucking cool is that? I think the guys did well on Merch sales tonight (But get more of the white T-shirts in… I was about 8 years old when I last fitted into a small).

All in all this was a brilliant night. This band will do well, and I really hope to see them up this way again soon. I will be there front and centre.

Review and Images: Ritchie Birnie

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